Mining jobs are on the rise: how to get hired fast

Commodity prices are rising and mining activity is ramping up, which means more jobs are becoming available in Australia’s resources sector. Here’s how to capitalise on the widely reported mining skills shortage and secure the job you want.

Do your research

This is a prerequisite for any job-seeking process really, but it’s especially pertinent for a sector that has seen so much turbulence in recent years.

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Lunch and Learn featuring SiteSee

MEC Mining is excited to host our next lunch and learn session featuring CEO & Co-Founder of SiteSee, Lucio Piccoli. Lucio will be presenting on Artificial Intelligence & Reality Modelling solving problems for Infrastructure owners & operators.

By merging 3D reality models and AI, SiteSee are solving real world problems for large scale infrastructure owners & operators by providing intelligent automated auditing of the asset; allowing for more informed decision making on the maintenance and upgrade of their asset.

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Safety culture in mining: why it matters and how to improve it

How would you describe your organisation’s safety culture? And how important is it to the safety and profitability of your mining operations?

We all know that mining businesses have to be vigilant and work hard to comply with legislative safety standards. Regulations are extensive because of the high level of risk and complexity associated with mining operations. Mining companies are responsible for the safety of the people working on their sites. At MEC Mining, ensuring that all workers return home safely is at the core of what we do.

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Good in theory: Why putting new ideas and technologies into practice can be tough

How often do great new ideas, tools and technologies have trouble achieving sustainable implementation, adoption and practical application?

The gap between the inherent value of a new technology or idea and the ability to put it to work effectively is significant. It seems that, even with the most groundbreaking technologies and valuable ideas – where the net benefits for a business or an industry are easy to see – the challenge of successfully converting the innovation to application and business standard is exponentially greater than the initial development.

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MEC warms up for Bridge to Brisbane 2018

Some of our spritely MEC Mining team members have begun training for the Sunday Mail Bridge to Brisbane Fun Run in August this year.

Celebrating its 22nd year in 2018, the run has become one of Brisbane’s best-loved events for people from all walks of life. MEC runners will join thousands of competitors on the 10km or 5km courses, which take in some of our city’s iconic landmarks, including jogging over Story Bridge and through the beautiful South Bank Parklands.

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Life on a mine site: what’s it really like?

Interested in working in the mining industry? Wondering what life is like on site? MEC mining engineer Daniel Li gives you the lowdown.

Recently, I had my first experience working at an open-cut mine in Central Queensland. This was a big change for me after spending a year in Brisbane, so I thought I’d share my experience and insights with non-mining people who are curious about what it’s like to live and work on a mine site.

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MEC Mining Lunch and Learn featuring Commodity Insights

“Coal is back – but is it here to stay?”.

MEC Mining are excited to present our latest lunch and learn with Mark Gresswell from Commodity Insights. In this session Mark will look at current coal markets and delve into:

  • What has got us to this point.
  • Is it sustainable in the mid-term.
  • What this means for Australian coal.

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Resources sector mentors light the way for future women leaders

MEC is proud to be a part of this year’s Queensland Resources Council (QRC) and Women in Mining and Resources Queensland (WIMARQ) mentoring program.

High-achieving women from the resources sector in Queensland will learn from high-flyers in the industry over four months of career guidance, which kicked off on 8 June 2018.

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