Copper – The Ancient Metal

Copper was one of the first metals in human history to be utilised and has been a valued material throughout time from helping ancient civilisations emerge from the Stone Age to playing a vital role in the leading-edge technologies of the present day.  It is one of the transitional elements with the symbol Cu and it can be found in its native state or in combination with minerals. Copper got its name from the Latin word Cuprum, the ancient name for the island of Cyprus where the Romans got much of their copper. It was first used in its native form at least 10,000 years ago but it wasn’t until a few thousand years later when it was alloyed with tin to form bronze, that it really gained momentum as a diverse and practical commodity.

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MEC event: mining experts discuss the transition to leadership – and how to lead well once you’re there

MEC Mining’s booked-out event, ‘Making the transition from technical expert to leader’, was attended by more than 50 mining engineers on 19 October.

Held at Alchemy Restaurant and Bar on the banks of the Brisbane River, this relaxed forum gave rise to thought-provoking discussions on the nature of leadership and its inherent challenges.

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Iron ore is awesome!

Iron ore could be forgiven for suffering from an inferiority complex. It has a bit of a dull reputation compared to its fellow commodities.  It’s not as glamorous as gold or silver.  Even Copper is cooler. For most people the words iron ore trigger vague memories of school homework and the general notion that it’s handy to build stuff. Well we really should be more grateful to this humble looking rock. It’s contribution to our technological, economic, and cultural development spanning several thousand years is immeasurable and it is impossible to imagine life today without it.

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MEC joins the nation’s leading resources companies at the Brisbane Resources Round-Up

MEC Mining Director Simon Cohn will join Australia’s leading resources companies and corporate investment advisors at the Brisbane Resources Round-Up on 17 and 18 October 2018.

The event, previously known as the Mining Resources Convention, is being held at the Hilton Brisbane, and presents exciting learning and networking opportunities.

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How to be a Drill and Blast Professional

When it comes to mining engineering, Drill and Blast is one of the most technical and exciting roles available for up and coming Mining Engineers. At many operations it’s a high paced, high work load, thankless role. Some love it, some hate it. But for those who love it, they really love it – many have made a career of blowing things up and decided to never move on to other roles. Why would you?!

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October Lunch and Learn

MEC Mining is excited to host our October lunch and learn on Landform Optimisation for Effective Mine Rehabilitation with Principal Mining Engineer James Cooney.

James has had a diverse range of experience over the past 20 years, working for contract miners, mine owners and as a consultant, mainly within open-cut coal mining. During a short break from the mining industry James led a team of project controls professionals on a large infrastructure project in the UK.

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Working as a team and delivering value

When it comes to mining, the mindset has often been to move larger volumes of material as quickly as possible to reduce process unit rate. While material movement is obviously very important, it can drive the wrong behaviours if the wrong material is being moved to prioritise volume movement over production requirement. This is likely to destroy value for an operation by lowering overall production yield – the number one value driver.

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Thinking of becoming a mining engineer? Here’s what you can expect.

You have read every prospectus for every engineering course in the country and in theory the job looks ok. You have looked into the various roles throughout the entire mining process from exploration and feasibility studies through to build, production and even mine closure and land rehabilitation.  But what is life actually like as a mining engineer? What should you realistically expect?

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MEC’s Maria Joyce set to judge 2018 Women in Resources National Awards

MEC’s Maria Joyce is honoured to be judging 2018’s Women in Resources National Awards (WIRNA), to be held at Parliament House in Canberra on 13 September.

In her capacity as a judge, Maria will represent both Women in Mining and Resources Queensland (WIMARQ), of which she is Committee Chair, and MEC Mining, where she is General Manager – Strategy and Business Development.

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Andrew Dittmann joins MEC Mining as Business Development Coordinator

MEC welcomes Andrew Dittmann aboard as our new Business Development Coordinator. Andrew will work alongside our General Manager (Strategy and Business Development) Maria Joyce to oversee sales and business development at MEC Mining.

Andrew is an engineer with an impressive track record. Between 2012 and 2018, he held a number of positions at BHP as an engineer and production coordinator. He is no stranger to MEC Mining either, having worked as a graduate mining engineer here in 2012.

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