Coal Controversy

I’ll level with you, coal is pretty dirty stuff. I’m in the coal game but I’ll give you that one. It doesn’t do the atmosphere or the landscape much good. However had humans never used coal, then steel and power could not have been made, the industrial revolution would not have happened and we would still be living subsistence lives with short life expectancy.

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Known Unknowns and Unknown Unknowns

I took out my wheely bins this morning and since we have been on holidays I couldn’t remember if it was recycling week or green bin week.  I looked up the street and saw that most people had put out their recycling bin so I did the same. It turns out that nobody knew that it was green bin week.  Everyone had copied the first person to put their bins out, who had in turn just made a guess, leading to a whole street full of smelly bins.

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Top 5 Mining Camp Must-Dos

Working in the mining industry often requires you to live in a mining camp. While there are some perks associated with a mine camp – such as meals cooked for you, cleaning services and low cost of living – it can also be hard to get used to sometimes.

Depending on your roster, it’s not unusual for mining professionals to do four-week stints at a mining village. So, it’s best you prepare yourself ahead of time for mining camp realities in order to make the most of your experience.

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MEC Way – Collaboration and Internal Crowdsourcing

Each MEC Mining project starts with a collaboration plan which lays out how we will tap into the knowledge held by our team of 40 engineers. Internal “crowdsourcing” through knowledge jams (efficient innovation workshops) allows us to access the information and provide the right solutions across a broad range of problems.

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MEC Mining Celebrates IWD at QRC/WIMARQ Resources Awards

MEC Mining joined over 500 industry leaders on Tuesday, 8 March at the Queensland Resources Council Women in Mining and Resources Queensland Resources Awards for Women.

QGC’s top female executive and elite athlete Cecile Wake took home the top gong – the Exceptional Woman in Queensland category at the 11th annual 2016 QRC/WIMARQ International Women’s Day Breakfast, held as part of the awards, at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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Unearthed: Brisbane Hackathon

MEC Mining is actively supporting and encouraging innovation in the resources sector by taking part in the second, annual Unearthed: Brisbane Hackathon.

Launched nationally in 2015 and internationally this year, Unearthed is a unique 54-hour event focused on the resources sector. It will see software developers, designers and industry insiders unite to develop prototype solutions to industry problems.

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