MEC Mining and Wave International Lunch and Learn Session

Join us for a free lunch and learn session in Brisbane to discuss getting optimum value during the execution of a feasibility study. The session will be co-presented with David Plowman – Principal Mining Consultant, MEC Mining and guest speaker Ryan Hanrahan – Director, Wave International

Date: Tuesday 14th, February (Booked out) and Wednesday 15th, February.
Venue: MEC Mining – Level 12, 97 Creek Street – Brisbane
Time: 12pm-1pm
Cost: Free

Spaces are limited – Register at


Crowd-Sourced Mining Benchmark Data, Is It Possible?

At the end of this article I reckon I might be able to answer my own question.

The team and I were talking the other day about how hard it is to get real data that can be used for bench-marking equipment performance. It can be expensive and not always reliable. So I thought I would test the theory that most people have the same problem and most people hold a small piece of data about their own equipment that would help complete the overall puzzle for everyone.

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Procostination Is The Thief Of Value

Yes, you are reading this right, procostination, not procrastination is most likely stealing value from your business. What is procostination? It is (apart from a word i made up) the action of delaying or postponing spending money on something that will deliver value. I am sure you have countless examples of where you have seen this or even done it yourself.

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Bicycle fuel is expensive

I have recently started riding my bicycle into the city each day for work. The motivation is a mixture of getting fit and saving money.  I am now saving a lot of money on parking and fuel for the car, however it has become apparent that running a bicycle is not free. Basically, all the exercise makes me bloody hungry and people fuel is relatively expensive per unit of energy content compared to car fuel. A week of driving to and from work would use around 15 litres of diesel and cost around $20.

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How to Stuff an Octopus Into a Suitcase

If you shut your eyes for a second and visualise this, a person trying to stuff an octopus into a suitcase. Arms going everywhere, a few arms go in and then others come out, trying to close the lid, it is just not going to happen. Have you ever been so busy that you feel like this could be you, or are there people in your office that are like this all the time?

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