MEC Mining shares their technical expertise on global projects

On Thursday 23 November, MEC Mining hosted a relaxed networking event and technical talk at the Moranbah Workers Club in Moranbah, Queensland.

Over twenty mining industry professionals attended the event to hear MEC’s story about strategically optimising the extraction of a steeply dipping coking coal deposit in chilly Russia.

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Dump Scheduling and Haulage Simulation

One of the major financial impacts on any mine site is the number of trucks required to extract the coal/ore.  By accurately evaluating the cycle times of individual haul routes from mining blocks to dump locations over the course of the mine life, the total amount of trucks at different years can be established. By evaluating alternate scenarios for dumping strategies sites can establish which option offers the lowest truck hours.

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If it’s not in the plan, it just won’t happen. A “BoB” perspective.

We’ve heard it all too often, “fail to plan – plan to fail” and it rings so true across all facets of the business process.

At MEC Mining, we believe in a holistic approach to identify the strengths and weaknesses of Management Operating Systems (MOS), particularly within mining organisations.

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Coal Loss and Dilution – Drill and Blast

Drill and Blast is one of the leading causes of coal loss in an open cut coal mining operation. There are so many aspects that must be considered as part of the Drill and Blast Engineers design process and it is easy for an inexperienced or time constrained engineer to overlook critical areas. A poorly designed and managed blast can lead to millions of dollars of lost revenue.

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Contract Mining: What’s your Style?

There are many scenarios that might result in a mine owner looking for assistance from a contract miner.  Choosing the right contracting strategy can be something of a mine-field (see what I did there?), depending not only upon the project objectives the mine owner is trying to achieve. But also a mix of other considerations such as: operating experience; in house capability (or “bench strength”); resources (people and equipment); attitude to risk; geographic location; and financial capacity – to name just a few.  Often the timing around engagement of a mining contractor is a critical consideration as well.

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