Is there a fortune hidden in your tailings?

Since the start of large-scale mining operations, mineral processing techniques have seen huge improvements. Because of this, tailings from older operations can contain mineral quantities high enough to make reprocessing of these tailings economical.

Several large mining companies have realised this and have started reprocessing tailings. De Beers, for example, have recovered millions of carats of diamonds from tailings surrounding the Kimberley mines in South Africa.

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Top 5 Silver Uses – The World’s Most Versatile Metal?

Silver – that precious, shiny white metal – has traditionally been highly prized for its symbolism of wealth and prestige and its associated use in jewellery and coins.

However, silver is currently much more commonly used for industrial, medical and electrical purposes, such as in household goods, solar panels and mobile phones.

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MEC leaders put through their paces at Hooked on Leadership course

Hooked on Leadership courses challenge organisational leaders by taking them to the countryside and using horses to teach them how to lead better. Sound interesting? Our Principal Mining Engineer David Drew and our Manager of Consulting Services Christofer Catania attended one of the two-day courses recently to find out what they could learn from exercises in horsemanship.

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Importance of contracting standards

The mining industry sometimes responds so rapidly when commodity prices rise that contracting standards tend to drop in the mad rush to meet the next potential boom. One of our clients supplies dozers and earthmoving machinery to the Queensland coal mining industry. They have gone from having half of their fleet parked up, to having more work than equipment and then to considering buying new equipment over the course of a month.

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