The Top 10 Metals And Minerals Powering Your Mobile Phone

Technological innovation has blessed us with many wonderful, modern gadgets, but have you ever considered what metals and minerals are used to power them?

Take the example of your mobile phone – most people are inseparable from their beloved iPhones these days (guilty as charged) – and these amazing gadgets are virtual gold mines. Well, not quite.

Many important metals and minerals are now used in your mobile phone’s electronics to enable high-speed performance and data, improved video and gaming and a more vivid and detailed screen.

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How to mine 4 billion cubic meters?

MEC Mining was invited to assist with design work for the earthworks associated with the Nicaragua Canal Project. The project required excavation of approximately 4 billion cubic meters of material. MEC Mining was approached to provide a plan that would optimise the earthworks component of the job. The advice from MEC Mining cut through typical construction jargon, enabling the client to optimise their investment in engineering construction, management and machinery.

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Komatsu: Transform Mining hackathon wrap-up

MEC Mining was excited to support Unearthed at the Komatsu: Transform Mining hackathon over the weekend at River City Labs.

Our General Manager – Strategy and Business Development Maria Joyce enjoyed her time on the judging panel listening to pitches from 14 miningtech #startups, who presented a diverse range of innovative solutions in response to four real-world business challenges from Komatsu. Our Director Simon Cohn for was awarded with a prize for his efforts as a mentor over the weekend.

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MEC Mining supports Komatsu: Transform Mining hackathon

Komatsu, a leading supplier of technology and equipment to the global mining industry, along with Unearthed Solutions has launched Komatsu: Transform Mining hackathon.

Over the course of a 54-hour hackathon event held at River City Labs in Brisbane this weekend. Mining technology start-ups will be given the opportunity to showcase how their technology applies to the following four major mining challenges currently faced by Komatsu:

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Successful Dozer stripping trials completed – Centrex Metals

Successful Dozer stripping trial completed

Centrex Metals Limited (“Centrex”) has completed successful dozer stripping trials of the overburden at its Ardmore Phosphate Rock Project (“Ardmore”) in North West Queensland. Two trenches were excavated through the shale overburden within the Northern and Southern Zones of the deposit using a Cat D9 dozer. The trials were overseen by dozer stripping experts from MEC Mining with the purpose of providing accurate productivity factors to feed into mining feasibility studies current underway.

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